Sires & Dams

The kittens are perfect socialized and very sweet and affectionate. You can see pictures below.



Oscarbritt Mr Epic of Cheshiresmile came from Seattle, USA. he has absolutely stunning deep blue eyes and the sweetest personality. Carriers colorpoint gene. His kids are very sweet, friendly, calm and have stunning eyes!


Jocker Di Marmo

Jocker Di Marmo is absolutely unique breeding boy, his color is very rare, Black Silver Classic Tabby (in Europe its Black Silver Blotched tabby), beautiful contrast wild pattern, really jungle cat with muscular Bobby body with round head. He produced big and sturdy kittens with unique pattern. We love his sweet and calm personality! He was already European Champion when we get him!


Absolu Fancy Gold

Absolu Fancy Gold is absolutely amazing orange shade Black Golden Shaded ny 12 male. He is very sweet, friendly, healthy and all his kids are also very affectionate, easy going, friendly and cuddly. He came from russian cattery Absolu (breeder Tatyana Vasyunina) and he carriers blue golden shaded, colorpoint and chocolate/lilac genes. We are very proud of him and his kids, his home name is Ogonyok, we love him so much.


Funny Pure Beauty

Funny Pure Beauty came from Prague, Chezh Republic. Amazing Black Silver Shaded boy, cattery Pure Beauty. He has dark green eyes and super friendly personality. His kids usually very sweet also, cuddly and affectionate like their Dad.


Rising Star Empire Of Cats

Awesome quality, big and sturdy British Shorthair blue male, he came from Saint Petersburg, Russia, breeder Tatiana Maslennikova. Rising star carriers the best linage form Great Britain, Australia, Germany. PKD, FeLV, FIV negative.