Welcome to Cheshiresmile Cattery and thanks for your interest to our cats and kittens! Cheshiresmile is a prefix registered with TICA. My name is Marina Boss. I live in Brooklyn, New York and share my biggest hobby, - cat breeding with some of my friends. We breed two breeds of cats: British Shorthair and Scottish Folds. Our cats have short plush coat and shedding less then other breeds. They are very smart, sweet and not too active and make the best home pets for busy people. All our cats have very special Grand Champion blood lines from USA, Australia and Europe and the kittens have wonderful quality and great temperament. We breed cats in many colors: Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Silver, Shaded, Colorpoint, Black, Smoked, Tabby, Bi-Color etc. We never cage them, we never declawing them (our kittens are not available to people who are planning to declawing them!!!) One year health guarantee for congenital conditions.

We adore our cats and their kittens. We let them go only to approved loving homes, where they have a lot of attention. The kittens go to their new homes when they are 12-16 weeks of age and have already 2-3 vaccination. We have some beautiful retired cats available for approved homes. Please, contact Marina Boss at (646)226-5605; Email: valentin2525@aol.com

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Our kittens are vaccinated, wormed, litter box and scratching post trained, they are very smart, beautiful and have Grand Champions blood lines from America, Australia and Europe.

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Location: Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA
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Telephone: (646)226-5605
E-mail: valentin2525@aol.com